I will not be returning to Ferguson


And here we have the ugly face of the 24 hour news cycle, the very 21st century kind of reporting that demands we not only have fifty million outlets (print, broadcast but overwhelmingly online) and therefore the material to fill them. There’s a distinct difference between covering the news, acting as the 4th estate, and searching for the truth - ie, what real journalism is - and finding content to fill your outlet. Journalism isn’t about making stories, it’s about finding them, giving people a chance to tell them, sharing them. True journalism is the noblest of pursuits but this kind of behaviour (from the journalists or from their networks, I don’t know or care really) is reprehensible and drags the entire profession down with it. Journalists search for the truth and then tell it. That’s all. If you want to be the story yourself, you had better stop reporting and go do something so spectacular and unusual it demands attention, because reporting ain’t it.